• Castle of Salgar

    Calle 9 #1316, Salgar, Puerto Colombia, Atlántico, Colombia .

    The castle of San Antonio de Salgar is a building located in the municipality of Puerto Colombia, northwest of the Atlántico department, Colombia. The building is located twenty minutes from the city of Barranquilla, in a northwestern direction and was built in 1848 on the ruins of the old fortress of San Antonio, during the colonial period. It is located on a vertical slope, west of the Salgar beaches. It is a place of historical interest, since the castle was a Spanish fort that served as a prison, as a colony and later as a refuge. Salgar Castle was declared on July 13, 1988 "Heritage and Cultural Property of the Nation" by the National Government through the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.

  • Gran Malecón Puerta de Oro

    GRAN MALECON PUERTA DE ORO, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia .

    Park to enjoy a walk with the breeze of the Magdalena river refreshing the afternoon or night. In addition, there are several places where you can eat

  • Catedral Metropolitana María Reina de Barranquilla

    Catedral Metropolitana María Reina de Barranquilla., Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia .

    It is the most representative church in Barranquilla built on December 5, 1955. It is one of the banners of the Christian faith. The modern building is 92 meters long and 38 meters wide, giving it the bell-shaped shape that narrows on the altar, this beautiful manifestation of religious art is a worthy place to visit.
    It is a cathedral church of Roman Catholic worship dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary Queen. It is a modernist style building whose construction took 27 years and was designed by the Italian architect Angelo Mazzoni de Grande, redesigned by the Antioquia firm "Vásquez y Cárdenas", which carried out the construction.

  • Museo del Caribe

    Museo Del Caribe, Calle 36, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia .

    The Caribbean Museum is more than a structure, it is the spirit of the coastline in a center created to receive all visitors who, moved by the desire to breathe the Macondian oxygen, the same one that inflated with supreme genius the mind of García Márquez to create an evocative universe, they meet in the sandy, currambera and captivating Barranquilla. It has a permanent exhibition distributed in five aspects or thematic axes: Nature, People, Word, Expression and Action. And for the visitor to assimilate the content in a pleasant and unique way, a great sensory experience is generated as the first stage, which means that when the second stage arrives, the desired task is achieved: a placid inquiry.

  • Ventana al mundo

    Ventana Al Mundo, Puerto Colombia, Atlantico, Colombia .

    The Ventana al mundo (Window to the World) is a public monument located in Barranquilla, Colombia. It was built at the end of 2018 to coincide with the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Games of which the city was the host. It is located in a roundabout in the industrial corridor of the Circunvalar, near its intersection with Vía 40.